The Miniature Show

Opens: 10/4/18 Closes: 10/31/18

From fine art to contemporary scenes, we’ve shrunk our work for a new view. Small and miniature artwork is perfect for novice and experienced collectors. Our first small artwork show includes miniature ceramics, hand-carved wood workings, oil paintings, resin art; a true eclectic show of epic (miniature) proportions.

Winter Exposition

Opens:11/1/18 Closes: 1/12/19

Artists from east coast to west coast join us for this exposition. From fine craft to stunning abstract visuals, our winter expo includes surprise pop-up showings within the overall showing. Looking for something new? Something for the holidays? Starting your collection? Annex has it.


A family affair, ASG@Annex 24 is a downtown art gallery in Lancaster, PA specializing in creating diverse exhibitions each month run by mom Jackie and daughter Dreya. Both artists and artisans, these ladies are mixed media artists who dabble in artisan work as well. A personal mission to reuse, reclaim, and recycle as much as possible, almost 90% of their work is upcycled or recycled for a new life.

Phone: 610 304-5168


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