Keisha Finnie

Keisha Finnie is a self taught artist born and raised in Lancaster, PA She is inspired by her love of nature, vibrant color and the female form, while creating simply what her eyes are drawn to. Projecting her perspective of the world.

Reflection made me look at the limits I put on myself as an artist. Challenge gave me the courage to express that growing creativity in a number of outlets. Commitment to that courage is the fuel that drives me to be creative every day. My days are filled with the energy to create beautiful images; from Fine Art in Miniature, and Handmade Bound Journals and Altered Books, to unique and unusual books from antiquity. Letting the creative buzz flow, I continue to challenge myself with new and exciting painting techniques and styles, including my newest series using an experimental painting technique.

Spindle and Spire

Spindle and Spire are an artist duo focusing on sustainable, responsible practices. With a personal and professional goal of a decrease in waste from the creative, this mother-daughter team creates anything from traditional visual art to green personal care products.


Original art, exhibitions and classes in the heart of Lancaster

Phone: 610 304-5168


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